Mental Health Awareness Within the Fashion Industry

Mental Health Awareness Within the Fashion Industry

Given that it is mental health awareness month and that we are strong advocates of mental health and wellbeing, it’s only right that we dedicate this blog to the cause. Here we take a look at how mental health campaigns have been associated within the fashion realm, from globally recognised brands to highly celebrated designers and models.

Now more than ever, we have seen Mental Health awareness campaigns take on new strides in their endeavour to spread support and guidance. With increasing frequency, many brands and businesses have been keen to share their input on the matter. Albeit some may suggest that this is due to forward-thinking millennials driving change, whilst others may critique that it’s a strategy to cash in on the €4.2trillion global wellness industry. Nonetheless, it’s a positive move.

Well with all things considered, mental health can affect anyone and everyone. Statists suggest that those within the retail and fashion industry are 25% more likely to experience some kind of mental health illness. That means with 1 in 4 individuals possibly dealing with a mental health illness, it’s only right that the fashion industry is taking strong strides towards a healthier future. 



Within the fashion world, the topic of mental health has always been a bit of a taboo subject in previous years, somewhat due to the tragic deaths of highly revered designers Kate Spade and Alexander McQueen. Paying homage to their legacy, other influential people such as Kate Moss, Isabella Blow and Adwoa Aboah have all publicly addressed issues surrounding mental health. Further raising awareness and catapulting the industry towards change. True role models for all aspiring models, designers, and stylists.


Similar to we, there are numerous brands and businesses that have identified themselves as mental health advocates. DeMellier, I’mmany, Madhappy and The Mayfair Group just to name a few. Each of which have respectfully rolled out campaigns aimed towards the development of the mental health awareness cause. The Mayfair Group in particular have teamed up with The Mental Health Coalition and Active Minds to pledge a minimum of $10,000 in donations from their Answers May Vary campaign. Including $1 from each use of their hashtag on social media, #answersmayvarychallenge. This enables anyone and everyone to get involved, spread awareness and make a positive impact. A remarkable feat by any means! 


Other organizations such as The Model Health Pledge, Equity and Kering foundation also offer help, advice and support to those struggling with anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. It’s important that organizations like these are sign posted throughout the fashion industry to offer guidance to those in need. 


Although we would love to continue these discussions (seriously we could chat mental health awareness without end), we must wrap up this article until another time. For now, please see below a further list of highly acclaimed mental health awareness advocates and support organizations. 


  • Active Minds 
  • Anxiety and Depression Association 
  • The Flawless Foundation